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Own Your Own Racehorse

Winters enclosure

Were you inspired by great scenes in the Galway winners enclosure last week and in years gone by to try and live the dream yourself? Wondering where to start? Racing Tours Ireland recommends 2 great sources of information:

  1. Pay a visit to Irish Thoroughbred Marketing‘s new “Owning” website which provides a wealth of invaluable information and details:
  2. Our friends at Realta Horse Racing Club have launched a FAST PACE guide to share ownership of a National Hunt racehorse:

Realta Racing ClubRealta Horse Racing Club offer professionally run National Hunt horse racing syndicates providing members the opportunity to be a shareowner of a well-bred racehorse in training. Our club gives fellow horse racing enthusiasts the opportunity experience all the thrills and spills of watching your horse compete over National Hunt rules bringing together all the fun, excitement, pitfalls and rewards of the sport of kings at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.


Realta have launched our FAST PACE guide to being a syndicate member or part owner of a thoroughbred. We highlight some of the key areas potential syndicate members or part-owners should consider before getting involved. FAST PACE is an acronym that can be used before making commitment to animal or group of individuals and getting involved in racehorse ownership.


Family. Before getting involved in a National Hunt racehorse careful consideration should be given to a horses pedigree. Sires are always flat bred horses but can their progeny take to hurdles or fence? Look for a proven sire whose offspring are proven over timber. A dams breeding also gives an indication of potential ability and optimum running distance. Look for a dam that was a winner or comes from a family of winners with blacktype throughout the page. The better the page the more costly the horse is likely to be.


Animal. If your horse has a good page is it good in conformation? A colt or mare may well have exceptional breeding but may not be anatomically correct. Many foals are born with idiosyncrasies that may inhibit the animals future ability and a photograph will never tell a horse’s true story. Seeing a horse walk and trot gives an understanding of the individuals movement when running. If possible see your prospect horse walk. A horse that is loose in its movement and that shows alertness may well be a better option than a horse with a good pedigree that does not show the same qualities.


Syndicate. Does outright ownership suit you and your budget? Syndicates, partnerships and club’s can be a fantastic introduction to owning a racehorse where you can meet people just like yourself who want the owners experience of a race day. Most horse racing syndicates will strive to get the best horse possible with a set budget or on a lease agreement. Professionally run horse racing syndicates will allow you to see your horse at home on the trainers yard to add value to your racehorse ownership. By spreading costs amongst a group and lowering the financial risk you can increase your chances of having a successful experience in one of the most emotionally rewarding sports in the world.


Stuart CrawfordsTrainer. Has the trainer of the horse experienced success at the highest echelons of the sport or is he or she starting out in their career? Training fees are likely to be reflective of a trainers success and yard running costs. Is your best option to go with an ambitious young trainer with a vision of going to the top? Is it the case that you want a proven racehorse trainer who knows what it takes to get to the graded tracks? Whatever your decision your trainer will be responsible for the wellbeing of your horse. You will be giving them the Authority To Act on your behalf so give thought to where they are based and the tracks they will bring your horse to.


Payments. How are your payments structured and do you receive prize money and other benefits such as Owners & Trainers badges periodically? There are many ways to buy into a horse. Some people will group together and share sale costs, then training fees, farrier and veterinary costs. There will be additional costs such as schooling races declaration fees and travel to the racecourses. Has the syndicate you are joining or forming got a set date in every month to receive payment for your shares and does your monthly payment cover all associated costs as part of your agreement? Realta’s advice is to never pay in cash and request a receipt of payment for your shares on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


Ability. Has the horse you are involved with got what it takes to win a race? The majority of horses will be in training for one year prior to making a racecourse debut but most never make it into the Winner’s Enclosure. When buying into a horse you will have visions of the major festivals but those dreams may not be realised for a variety of reasons. Great fun can be had in the build up to a race but it is important that your syndicate manager and trainer are honest about your animals ability.


Courses. Can you travel with your horse at very short notice or shoulder the disappointment of last minute notice of a horse not running due to a change in ground conditions? Racecourses will welcome horses, trainers and owners from every corner of the country but secretly they will really enjoy a local winner. Equally for an owner there is no better feeling than having a winner at your local track. Our advice would be to check and see if your local or favourite trainer has a horse racing club attached to them. Also try and find out if members have left the club and their reasons for leaving.


Enjoyment. At Realta we believe that joining a racing syndicate is one of the most fun and affordable ways to enjoy being an owner. We are are committed to keeping our members up-to-date on all aspects of training and put an emphasis on enjoying the sport as an owner rather than a punter. By spreading costs and relying on equine professionals to select and manage horses Realta Horse Racing Club increase your chances of having a successful experience. Visit for more information or to get involved, and view at:


The next best thing to getting behind the scenes as an owner is to join Racing Tours Ireland on an exclusive stable tour and day at the races – for upcoming dates visit click on Tours

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