There are 26 racecourses in Ireland – more per head of population than any other country in the world. They say that it’s the people that make the place and nowhere is that more true than at an Irish racecourse where the people, above all else, create a sense of place and shared experience which makes up that most elusive quality - atmosphere.

We Irish have a special talent for horsemanship and the heroes of our turf have carried the name of Irish racing to every corner of the world. The love and respect for horses and the people who care for, train and ride them, runs deep. This is true even in the cities, where links to the land are, thankfully, still cherished. Great numbers (approx 1.3m annually) still turn out at the racecourses to take in the live experience of racing.

Without doubt it is the breadth of experiences on offer that gives Irish racing such drawing power. From the large tracks which hold the prestigious races and festivals, to the smaller “country” courses, dotted around the map where racing is conducted close to the way God (probably) intended, the measure of fun is the same. There is no better way to see and touch the “real Ireland” than by spending a day at the races.

In 2015, Racing Tours Ireland can conveniently bring you to heart of the action at the following racecourses: